This is episode number 50 and a celebration one. It´s a mix of the most popular episodes I have published and I hope you’ll like it.

To celebrate number 50 of Design the simple life I will give you a very great opportunity to help you simplify your life. One year ago I made the very popular course ACADEMY OF SIMPLICITY and until the 30th of November you'll get a HUGE celebration discount.

Academy of Simplicity is a 4-weeks online course about decluttering and simplicity.

Module 1 - Life soul essence

3 lessons:

Be aware of your daily habits

Manifest your dream lifestyle

Create your own digital vision board.


Module 2 - Organize a clutter-free home

It’s all about decluttering. I will guide you how to declutter all your areas in your home within 2 weeks and it will give you a huge difference both in your home and in your entire life. Everything will be so much easier after you have accomplished this module and have decluttered your home. Remember that you decide what kind of things you will keep or not and I will show you how to decide.


Module 3 - Simplify your everyday life

4 lessons 

Daily routines to simplify and live in harmony

How to live in a simple way

Keep focus and continue your lighter life

Self-care for your health



1. Design your home with feng shui pdf guide

2. Weekly uplifting meditations


Get the course with lifetime access for only 99€ instead of 397€:

SIGN UP here!

Use discount code: AOS50


OBS! Last day to sign up for this affordable price is 30th of November.

Questions: Simply send me an email to

Ylva ❤️  

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