Essential oils are amazing. You can use them in so many different ways. I have used them for many reason and especially to give my home a refresh.

In this episode I have a guest who is aromatherapist. Her name is Gladys Tan and she will give you some tips on what kind of essential oils you can use when you declutter and tidying your wardrobe.

If you haven´t visited my website, it's time for you now and look for "The Simplicity kickstarter-guide" and it is a guide that will help you to get started into a a simplified home and life. There are some fantastic tools waiting for you there.


For the moment I am working on a wardrobe declutter course and plan to start it very soon. I know there are many who have too many clothes in their wardrobes. So stay tuned... I hope I can give you more information next week.




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Here can you find Aromatherapist Gladys Tan:

Website: (Coming soon)






In this episode I have a conversation with a personal brand stylist based in Paris. Her name is Isaüra Tsama 

and she has a decade of expertise in the fashion industry.

She previously worked as a fashion Buyer for well-known international companies where she sharpened her sense of how dressing with intention influences public perception.  

After listening to 100’s of people complain about what to wear in the workplace, That’s Intrinsic was born in 2016, with the aim to help global women entrepreneurs and professionals to have a signature style that screams success and stop worrying about finding the clothes that match their personal brand, prestige and audience. Since then, she has been working virtually with women from all over the world.


When you have decluttered and cleaned up your wardrobe it’s so valuable to know how to style and build up your personal wardrobe. I hope you liked this episode. 


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Isaura Tsama:


Instagram: @isaurastylistparis




Did you know that all colors affects all human beings and also all animals? Colours are so powerful and in this episode were going to dive into it.


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In this episode I have a special guest. Her name is Britt-Marie Löw and she is Ayurveda health coach, Feng Shui consultant and Reiki Master and she is giving courses and consultations online and IRL. She´s also a certified Color me beautiful consultant and she has some nice tips for you when you chose the colors for your clothes in your wardrobe. It’s VERY interesting!

You can find her here:

fb: Friskvårdsakademien 

Instagram: @lotus energy friskvårdsakademi. 

Last but not least, Don’t forget to join my fb-group Simplicity Inspirational Group to be a part of the epic giveaway starting on monday the 1st of March. Do that right now, so you don’t forget it. It’s just a kind advice. Thank you for listening and see you next week in another inspiring episode about essential oils for your wardrobe. 

Ylva ❤️

How many times have you bought something just in case or because you have a bad day? I think we have all done that more and less. In this episode I give you some inspiration about to do your shopping more intensional and avoid impulse purchases.

I have some advise for you that I have tested by myself and found that it works very well. 

I hope you will get some simple tips you can use immediately for your shopping.

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Why is it so difficult to have the space under the sink in the kitchen organized. It’s always a mess there and that’s what I’m going to talking about in this episode.

First I would like to invite you to my brand new online program

Academy Of Simplicity

It is the only program of its kind that gives you the unique tools to get your home work for you and having a simplistic and healthy life. Once you’ve learned the tools you have implemented your healthy life forever.

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My Masterclass it’s a must attend if:

  • You feel overwhelm in your own home
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  • You would like to do a life change

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How many times have you set up workout goals that you never finished? I have made many and this is the same thing. Without a plan it’s much more difficult to reach your goals. 

Once you have decluttered your home and life everything in your life will change, believe me. 

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Episode 25

Put your hands on your heart, how does it look in your storehouse? Your garage for example. Can you really go in there without climbing over all stuff in there?

This episode is about your STOREHOUSE and how to handle all stuff in there. I hope you like it and if so, subscribe at iTunes:

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All my love,

Ylva ❤️

We all know that 2020 was a very strange year, but there is always something positive with everything that happens. 

It’s time to summarize 2020. I think it’s very good to look back a little bit before we go ahead into next year. 

I think it’s so good to look for the positive things and let the negatives leave us. I always use the days around the new year to journal, summarize and to set up my new goals for the next year. Maybe there’s some goals I bring into the new year as well, which I haven’t reached yet. But I always adjust them a bit to make it more relevant for me. It’s also so easy to just look at the previous last months of the year when summarizing, but if you look at the whole previous year there has happened a lot, right? 

In this episode I give you my idea of how to summarize and to set up new goals for the new year.

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Have a wonderful 2021 and Happy New Year 🎉❤️

Have you ever thought about your feelings about your wardrobe and your clothes? If not, it's time to start to do that now. 

If you minimize the amount of what you have in your wardrobe I promise that your life will change. Let’s imagine how it should look like if you every morning can find a wonderful outfit to wear, what if you can skip all searchings deep in your wardrobe and find your clothes directly when you open the doors to your wardrobe. 

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Create more space in your wardrobe

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Take care,

Ylva ❤️

Hello dear you,

Do you have paper piles everywhere? I have also been there, but I found a way out of it and that's what I'm talking about in this episode.

There are many different kind of papers. Flyers, important paper like bills and so on, children’s drawings, paper mails, newspapers, school papers…and the list goes on and on. This kind of piles can really stress you out and when they are big it’s more difficult to go through them, because you’re overwhelmed. I've got you covered...and I have a proven method.

Do you want to start a new year with a lighter mind and more space in your home? I have made a perfect challenge. 20 things lighter before 2021 and I’m going to support you in 10 days exactly how to do. It´s totally free and I hope you will join me. It’s gonna be super fun and I’m so excited to start this within a couple of days. If you feel this is really something for you, sign up at my web site or follow the attached link here in the description. I hope to see you inside.

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We are many who is working from home especially 2020, the most strange year ever and then your work space is also more important than ever.

This year is very strange in many ways and maybe our lives will be changed for ever. There might will be more people working from home even after the pandemic. I think so, and then our work space will also be more important and fun to design.

In this episode you'll get much inspiration about organize your work space for more energy and success.

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