Let´s talk about health and a healthy lifestyle. What is it actually? Is it just the food we eat or what is it? If you would like to know how to start to create a balanced healthy lifestyle this episode is for you.

Years ago I started to minimize my home and my belongings and I have learned a lot during this time. When you minimize your belongings you´ll be aware of the things that really mean something for you and I think that’s interesting to know that all the clutter could hold you back for years.

What I also learned is that when people starts to get rid of things they don’t need, like or use anymore they often starts to declutter the wardrobe, and that’s my favourite space. As I always have worked with clothes in different kind of ways in my life I wanted to dive into it a little bit more. I created a course:

Wardrobe Code 101 which includes:


  • How to find you personal style
  • How to get rid of the clothes you don’t need, like and use
  • How to organize and take care of your clothes 


Wardrobe Code 101 is now open for enrollment. For now I have an early bird price, so if you feel this is exactly what you need, go to my website www.ylvamariadesign.se/wardrobecode101.se and sign up.

The early bird price will disappear on Sunday the 4th of April 12 pm CET.

The course will take you from overwhelm to stress-free mornings and you will feel relieved over that your wardrobe isn’t over full anymore. There are so many benefits of having a smaller wardrobe. Read more at my website. You can also find the link in the description for this episode. I can’t wait to see you inside of my course.

In this episode I have a conversation with Jennifer Lynn who is holistic health coach. She has very interesting thought on how to create a balanced life. You can find her at Instagram:


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